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A 100 Million Yuan Fund for Attracting High-level Talent Established by FIT

On 16th of April, Fuzhou Institute of Technology (FIT) held the launching ceremony of the High-level Talent Fund and “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creation” project. Chen Wei, chairman of Guomai Technology Co., Ltd. (GMTech), Chen Xuehua, president of GMTech, Gu Zhenyu, chairman of FIT, and Lu Yueliang, president of FIT, attended the ceremony.

Gu Zhenyu said in his speech that the innovation ability will be crucial for future university graduates, and therefore the reforms to cultivate people with such an ability are necessary to complete the college education. Since its founding, FIT has always adhered to the idea of “serving the society by taking root in it” and has closely integrated education with various industries to cultivate innovative students with craftsman's spirit and practical skills. In the future, the institute will vigorously promote the building of parks, platforms and public places for entrepreneurship, innovation and creation. In doing so, FIT will be able to meet the needs of the region and Fuzhou New Area for future development, and create an innovation-friendly environment to foster teachers’ and students’ desire to innovate and cooperate. Meanwhile, Gu also expressed his hope to recruit more high-level talent through the fund, enhancing FIT’s education of entrepreneurship, innovation and creation, so FIT can nurture more students that meet the needs of the country’s social and economic development.


Lu Yueliang said the foundation of the fund is a show of FIT’s longing and generosity for talented persons. In 2019, the year of talent for FIT, the institute’s board of directors has decided to provide 100 million yuan (approximately 15 million US dollars) for talent recruitment, which is timely and valuable support for FIT. With the fund, FIT will be able to use more flexible ways to hire more excellent people. In the coming 5 years, the college aims to hire 20 to 30 scientists, scholars and experts in different fields and more than 100 outstanding young and middle-aged people, and it will send 50 to 100 excellent young and middle-aged teachers to top universities and companies to study and advance their skills.

Chen Wei in his speech talked about Guomai’s leading role as a prominent model in pushing forward entrepreneurship, innovation and creation, all of which are now in the spotlight. With the imputes given by the three trends, Guomai has further integrated itself with FIT and enhanced its innovation ability. Teachers and students from FIT have also contributed to the progress. In order to facilitate the growth of high-tech companies, Chen Wei also called on people present at the ceremony to stick to entrepreneurship, innovation and creation and to devote themselves to the industry-education integration. As the investor of FIT, Guomai will build a better environment for the teachers and students to start businesses, innovate and create with less difficulties.


Guomai will continue to research and develop technology that benefits its future development in 5thgeneration mobile networks (5G) and IoT by investing in FIT, the company’s research and innovation center. Recently, the number of published papers and of ongoing projects have both surpassed 100, a result of FIT and Guomai’s hard work. The number of their key and elementary laboratories has also reached 64. With the foundation of the High-level Talent Fund, the company will have a much stronger support from more talented people for its future development.