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Five Undergraduate Programs of FIT Approved by Ministry of Education

On 21st of March, China’s Ministry of Education released the result of the newly approved undergraduate programs in higher education institutions for 2018. Five undergraduate programs of Fuzhou Institute of Technology (FIT), which includes Network and New Media, Mathematics, Digital Media Arts, Intelligence Science and Technology, and Bioinformatics, were approved. Student recruitment of the programs will start in the autumn semester of 2019.


These newly-approved programs will meet the need for talents in Fujian province which includes Fuzhou and its free trade zone. In accordance with the requirement of transforming traditional growth drivers, the programs focus on fostering new growth drivers to develop the new economy, and adhere to the goal of cultivating talents with applied skills. They will provide the regional economic development with a supply of needed talents in regional principal industries and priority industries, such as network and new media, applied mathematics, digital media arts, and intelligence science and technology.

Up until now, FIT offers 25 undergraduate programs. It has become a multi-disciplinary college featuring an application-oriented discipline system, which comprises academic fields that include science, management, economics, literature and engineering. It pays much attention to majors related to the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud computing and big data, Internet + architecture, Internet + finance and Internet + business, and is continuously enhancing the quality of its education, building an discipline system with its unique edge and a proper structure.

New Majors of FIT


The institute supports Guomai Group’s industries, and Guomai will nurture it in return. These new programs will facilitate for FIT and Guomai the integration of areas like IoT, artificial intelligence and Computational Biology, and provide Guomai with research support. Thus, technology can be translated into productivity, and more talents capable of technological innovation will be eager to join Guomai.